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Robert Zykofsky Mar 9, 2013

First purchase, very satisfied, delay of 5 days for fraud detection with online check; then rapidly sent out. You should use a fraud detection service and accept credit cards. The packaging was perfect,if you kmow what I mean. The US postman said you have a foreign registered "LETTER' to sign for. Will continue to use Medstore online in the future.

Tony Mar 8, 2013

Ordering was quick and easy. They verify all info. before shipping and were very friendly. Shipping took about a week after doctor approval. Will definitely be using Medstore again.

Robin Mar 5, 2013

Ordered on thursday, delivered on tuesday (international!) Thanks for the fast delivery!

Bill Mar 5, 2013

I have been using Medstore-Online for several months now and absolutely love this company. I just received an order that didn't have the tracking info updated (USPS was the problem, not Medstore) but received it 5 days earlier than scheduled. I've received one order in less than 4 days from start to finish. With every order, they do a follow up to make sure that your customer information is safe and correct, they are extremely prompt and the product quality is excellent across the board. B/c of medical privacy I'm not going to mention the product or amount, but I've ordered four different products from them and all have been absolutely first rate quality. The prices are much cheaper in two cases then they are with my insurance coverage and every aspect of the process is seamless. Every transaction I've had with them has been great, from customer service to security to quality and I am so grateful there are companies like them available. I think I have a total of 8 orders with them spanning several months and each time it's been great - the only thing that's different is delivery time but even the 'longest' one was just 9 days, start to finish, delivered to an obscure US City in the mid-west. B/c of post office cutbacks delivery times for USPS are often terrible where I live and even with those problems, they've still gotten things here way ahead of schedule on every order. You will not regret doing business with Medstore-Online.

RICK C Feb 27, 2013


W. S. Feb 25, 2013

I have peace of mind and I completely trust medstore. I cannot praise them highly enough. My order arrived in less than a week (UK). My medication was sent via airmail, and contained a licensed doctor's prescription, so was perfectly legal to import. I have used medstore a quite a few times now, and have always found their assistants to be very polite, helpful, and courteous. Sophie has been especially helpful to me. Thanks Sophie, and thanks medstore for being there.

brian Feb 23, 2013

just wanted to say that this is by far the best site to get your meds or anything from! the customer service was amazing!!! and i received my order in a discreet package with a note/prescription from the Dr. i ordered from the U.S. paid with check and got everything in 18 days! great quality and great shipping!! highly recommend!!

OS Feb 22, 2013

Much pleased to come across an expedient and reasonably priced broker. Used eCheque to arrange for payment and received order 12 days after placing order.

Hilaire Feb 20, 2013

Medstore-online is awesome..I have ordered twice now from them and they've kept in touch and provided me with tracking numbers. It's so easy to order and talk to someone they're never impatient or rude..and products are quality. It usually takes about two weeks to get my shipment. .it's so discreetly packed. .thanks again guys!

TJ Feb 19, 2013

10 calendar days after I ordered Clonazepam using echeck, it was in the mailbox! The quality is the same as I get here in the pharmacy here. Thanks Medstore!

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