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Shair Feb 14, 2013

I was quite skeptical about ordering through his venue but am now convinced that this is a legitimate and quality business. Thank you, Medstore Online.

Bill R Feb 9, 2013

I have just recently put in an order for Zolpidem (made in India) through Medstore-Online. As honestly as I can say this, Medstore-Online is Wonderful in just about every respect. To date, I've placed a few order with them ( I believe 6 total) and in each case, I've been thrilled with everything from start to finish. When i put in my first order, I was not sure what to expect in terms of quality or time but the quality was superb and things happened so quickly, from start to finish, I was actually quite surprised (pleasantly of course). I'm going to try some of the products made in the EU just to see if there's a difference but so far I've used the items made in India for each purchase and the quality was always not just great but much better than I could have even hoped for (I'll probably sound like a shill for saying this, but I'm as sincere as real as I can be), the quality is actually notably better than that of the quality I get in the US Pharmacies). And I'm not going to mention the shipping times just b/c I realize it greatly depends on where you are, but in my case, once things are shipped (which typically happens a day or two after they verify your order with you), it arrives very quickly. I'm actually going to try a few other products b/c so far, the quality has been great, prices are fine and things happen fast enough that it's much easier and faster than going through the whole process here with my primary care physician (with all the recent health care law changes, getting an appt takes over a week, sometimes 2 or 3 and I have to take off the whole morning or afternoon - using M.O. I end up with everything I need quicker than I would otherwise which IMHO, is remarkable. Granted, I've only a few interactions (i'd have to count exactly, but I think 6 so far) but enough that I'm completely confident with them. They are very responsive, things happen quickly, packaging and delivery is all very professional and straightforward and well, i'm as happy as I can be with them. Also, even though it's a slight inconvenience, the fact that they actually call and manually verify everything before sending it on, makes me even more confident in how these folks operate.). There's only one thing I find a little inconvenient but it's relatively minor and that's the issue that they don't take Visa or Master Card. I wish they'd include either Visa or MC or ideally both, but if that's teh only thing you find to complain about, you know you're dealing with a pretty 1st rate company, high-quality products, reasonable prices, helpful and responsive staff and very fast shipping and delivery time - what else can you really look for in a company? So far everything has been smooth and seamless and and they've definitely earned me as a loyal customer. If you have any reservations about working with them, I'd encourage you to just give it a try, I bet you'll be the one writing a review talking about how great the whole thing was before long.

Mrs s Malik Jan 21, 2013

very helpful, great service. I am really disappoint that they do not accept debit card! It would be a lot less hastle for costumers!

Keith Jan 4, 2013

Amazing service,with amazing staff,Medications and Mgs are exactly what they are specified to be,I had a small problem but they rectified it instantly I rate this company 100% they also give you a tracking no.when order is shipped..Big thumbs up

William Ryan Dec 30, 2012

I have made several orders from MedStore Online so far and felt compelled to write. this site is just THE BEST. In each case, my order was processed immediately, when I say immediately, I mean in a day or two. After they call me to do the fraud verification (which I appreciate), the order is immediately shipped. Typically, an order gets from India to the US (Mid-West) in about 7 days. The longest was 9 days, the shortest was 6. Customer service is always excellent. They always respond immediately. When you are dealing with a company in another country, you have some concerns about things going wrong. Never with MedstoreOnline. THey response immediately every time and they always get things right, ALWAYS. They get it right and they get it right the first time. But the most important thing that I want to mention is the quality. All of th products I have received have been excellent. I was hoping the quality would be good, at least close to US quality. In each case, the quality was not just US quality but notably better. I couldn't be happier with this company. I realize this probably sounds like a shill statement b/c I have nothing but good things to say, but that's how I feel, they are a great company, they are great to deal with, they have excellent products and excellent services and are so easy to deal with, they are a dream come true. Domestic US companies could learn quite a bit from MedStoreOnline as they do everything well here

GLENN SORDAL Dec 29, 2012


Keith Dec 28, 2012

This is the 2nd order I have placed with Medstore and once again everything from ordering to delivery was perfect,medication is from India and is exactly what it describes to be,I would never use any other online medication site,MedstoreOnline are totally reliable and I would highly recommend them to anyone..

john Dec 28, 2012

very good site, great customer service. Takes two to three weeks to get product, but well worth it.

Brian Dec 12, 2012

Not everyone has an e check set up so y'all lose money I can't order because I'm unfamiliar with it u need to accept debit visa master cards make it easier on the customer

Rick J. Aug 20, 2012

Wonderfull! Very proffesional staff. It is difficult at best to get pain meds here in the states. Finding Medstore-online was a blessing. A real Dr. examines your application too. Not fake like some websites. The package took a bit longer to receive than expected, but the help staff assured me it was safe. I got the package with no problems. Thank you Medstore! Re-order for sure!!!!! Rick

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